2014 Results


Team Members
Easily Amused Dustin Sewelin
Holy Porkers Greg, Beth, Maggie, Mason, Cooper, Nick, Tom, and MaryEllen Peters
Pork Barons Blake Young, Brian Young, and Matt Tagtmeyer
Wholly Smokin’ Pitmeisters Lisa Koehl-Myers and Ben Myers
Bandits BBQ Donald, Dan, Cooper, and Shane Urick
Midwest Barbecue Josh Dennis
Kyle Wechsler


Category Team Points
Grand Champion Holy Porkers 647
Spare Ribs 1st Holy Porkers 167.5
2nd Pork Barons 165
3rd Holy Smokin’ Pitmeisters 142
3rd Bandits BBQ 142
Chicken 1st Pork Barons 181
2nd Holy Porkers 173.5
3rd Easily Amused 169
Pork Butt 1st Holy Porkers 216
2nd Pork Barons 207.5
3rd Midwest Barbecue
Side Dish 1st Anita Senesac 98
2nd Bandits BBQ 93
3rd Holy Porkers 90
3rd Pork Barons 90
Fruit Pies 1st Anne Lawrence – Gluten Free Apple Pie 66
2nd Karen Hoffman – Cherry Rhubarb 64
3rd Anne Hoffman – Strawberry Rhubarb 62
Non-Fruit Pies 1st Norbert Sauter – Key Lime Pie 58
2nd Carrie Young – Butterscotch Pie 57
3rd Jim Johnson – Cream Pie 56
Cake/Cupcake 1st Dolly Lobacz – Cupcake 87
2nd Lisa Myers – German Chocolate 79
3rd Lisa Myers – Carrot Cake 73
Sweet Bread/Rools/Muffins 1st Julia Blankenship – Monkey Bread 95
2nd Vanessa Koehl – Triple Berry Muffins 84
3rd Vanessa Koehl – Pumpkin Bread 75
Cheescake 1st Vanessa Koehl – Oreo Cheesecake 77.5
2nd Greg Peters – Strawberry Cheesecake 70
3rd Krysti Wechsler – Choc. Chip, Cookie Dough, Heath Cheesecake 66
Yeast Bread 1st Gretchen Espich – Corn Bread 59
2nd Bill Neil – White Yeast Bread 55
Youth 1st Cooper Peters – Reeses Cheesecake 69
2nd Maggie Peters – Banana Bread 61